Demonstrators speak out against police violence

An attendee raises a fist as George Floyd's last words were read aloud at The Mission following the March for Justice on Saturday. (Photo by Ryan Phillips, DTL)
Staff Writer

During the "We Are West Point March for Equality, Solidarity and Justice," people young and old, black, white and brown joined together, united, carrying banners for change, speaking out against police violence targeting African-Americans.

The march began at the West Point Police Department, going west on Commerce Street, to Brame Avenue to Cromwell Street past Greenwood Cemetery across Church Hill Road to The Mission.

Sherrell Drake is one of the organizers for the march. She is well known for organizing community events with a purpose. "It was a great turnout," Drake said. "I was pleased to see such a diverse group of people who could come together in agreement. I felt that people were there for the right reasons, not just to be seen." Drake said the acts of violence cannot continue. There has to be a change in the way we see each other. "It seems when you are black, you are already seen as guilty," Drake said. "Things need to change."

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