CCBOS extends curfew

Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors had considering whether or not to extend the county-wide curfew of 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on the agenda for its meeting Thursday.
President Luke Lummus asked Clay County EMA Director, Torrey Williams, his opinion on whether to extend the curfew for another 30 days or to allow it to expire.
"It is my opinion that the curfew is helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Clay County," Williams said. "We had been averaging about ten new cases per day, now it is down to one or two."
The CCBOS agreed with Williams and all members of the board agreed to extended the curfew for another 30 days.
"We may be on the edge of the numbers continuing to go down," Williams said. "But we need to stay with what we are doing. We are seeing results."
Williams said the numbers are expected to rise in the fall, when flu season starts, as coronavirus and the flu have similar symptoms.
Williams said it was time to renew the proclamation from the Governor's office of ways to control the spread of the virus. All were in agreement to renew the proclamation.

Williams then spoke about the changing weather situation.
"Even though Hurricane Laura has made landfall in the Lake Charles area," Williams said. "We could still experience torrential rainfall and possible some pop-up tornadoes. Some of the outer bands may have an impact here. The Delta will probably experience the brunt of it, much worse than our area."

Williams said he is working on the FEMA side, and will start on the CARES Act for reimbursements on expenditures by the county in direct correlation to COVID-19.
He is still working with MEMA and USDA concerning weather related damages to county roads.

The board was asked to authorized and approve the following:
Approve the change order for the Cane Creek Bridge Project, brought by Robert Calvert of Calvert Spradling Engineers.
Approve and accept the monthly report from Annie Hinds-Goode, Veteran's Services Officer.
Authorize and approve contract with Election System Services, to provide programing services for election machines for the Sept. 22 special election, $1,255.00.
Authorize and approve payment for invoices submitted on the ERBR project #BR-0013(53)B to Tanner Construction $103,468.28, and Calvert Spradling Engineers $9,316.88.
Approve payment to Constables net monthly gross fee income for August 2020.
All were approved by the board.
Amy Berry, Chancery Clerk, asked for authorization and approval for the following:
Approve the Clerk's Affidavit for Justice Court Settlement for August 2020.
Approve inventory deletions.
Authorize and approve postal agreement with Advantage Business Systems.
Review and approve to be spread on the minutes the Data Processing Report for the month of August.
Authorize and approve to advertise Notice of Budget Hearing to be held Sept. 14, 2020, at 9 a.m.
The CCBOS then entered into an executive session, where no action was taken.