Bragg speaks to Supervisors about attending class

Staff Writer

Harriet Bragg spoke to the Clay County Board of Supervisors about attending a class with Data Systems. They will be changing from Green Screen to an entirely new screen.
"They want us to attend a class," Bragg said. "If we do in person class, it will be $250, per attendee and $175, for additional."
That is in classroom, there was no mention of how much a virtual class would be. But the class is required to learn how to use the new screens, according to Bragg.

This has to be approved by the Clay County Board of Supervisors.
President Luke Lummus asked how many people would need to attend the training.
"All of us in the Justice Court Clerk's office need the training," Bragg said.

The days that are set for the training pose a problem with the Justice Court Clerk's office as it is during a court term.
The change over to the new screen is Jan. 11.

"Is there any way the person who attends the class could come back and help prepare everyone else?" Lummus asked.
Bragg said it would be a perfect way to take care of the situation if it is possible. It covers civil, criminal, book keeping, new court agenda, import orders, everything is totally different.
Amy Berry, Chancery Court Clerk said she would get with Treva Hodges to see what can be done to provide the training, even though court is in session during that time.
The CCBS accepted the report from Bragg.

The computers systems at the Clay County Sheriff's office was hacked and Sheriff Eddie Scott came to ask the CCBOS for anti-virus software for the computer system.
"We have two quotes from Synergetics," Scott said. "One year for $520, or three years for $1,040. I recommend the three year anti-virus program."
The CCBOS approved purchase of the three year anti-virus protection program.

The CCBOS authorized and approved the following:
To approve payment to Randy Jones for Flood Plain Coordinator Services.
To approve The Annual TITLE IVAssessment Form for the year 2021 which designates Supervisor Shelton Deanes as the TITLE IV Coordinator and Amy Berry as the ADA Coordintor for the County.
The board recessed until 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 5.