BPL Book Club ends first year

Penny Robinson reads one of her favorite Christmas books, “A Tale of Three Trees”  by Angela Elwell Hunt, while Gloria Dunlap and Gwenn Allen listen. (Photo by Donna Summerall DTL)
Staff Writer

The Book Club at the Bryan Public Library asked people to share their favorite Christmas stories or books for the December meeting.

Penny Robinson brought the book she has read to her children and grandchildren every Christmas.

"I didn't know if any of you have ever read ‘A Tale of Three Trees’ by Angela Elwell Hunt," Robinson said. "It is one of my favorites. It tells the folk tale of three trees, each with its own idea of what it will become."

She said the trees dreamed of growing big and tall on a mountain top. But they were all harvested to become something else. One tree became the wood for a manger, where a special baby would lay. The other became a great ship that was carrying a man and his twelve friends when there was a mighty storm. The third was used for two large beams that became a rugged cross. All of the trees played an important part in the life of a very special man.

"I love reading this to my grandbabies," Robinson said. "And I wanted to share the story with you."

Gloria Dunlap said Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark collaborated on her favorite Christmas novel, "He Knows When You're Sleeping."

"Sterling Brooks has been in the Celestial Waiting Room for forty-six years," Gloria Dunlap said. "He was waiting for admission to heaven. He kept seeing people go in who he thought were way more unworthy than him."

Dunlap said finally, just days before Christmas, he’s summoned before the Heavenly Council and found unworthy. He had been hopelessly self-absorbed and selfish. To redeem himself, he is given the chance to go back to Earth and find someone to help.
"I really enjoyed 'Rockin Around That Ol’ Christmas Tree’ by Donna Hill," Gwenn Allen said. "It was a fun romance."

Allen said the main character, Denise, has always been the faithful wife and dutiful mother. That is all she has been during the years she and her husband, Edward, have been married. But the kids are grown and out of the house and now she's ready to live a few dreams of her own. Edward, however, would like to keep things just the way they are and Denise realizes that if she doesn't do something drastic, then all she will ever be is a mother and a wife. So when she drops the bomb at Thanksgiving dinner that she is leaving their father and selling the house, everyone is shaken up at the news.

"It is a very dysfunctional family in this book," Allen said. "And that's what makes it so good to read."

The Book Club is open to everyone who loves to read.

For more information call 662-494-4872.